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Flights, Camera, Action: A New Travel Series Encourages Black Travelers to our Community

Elevate & Explore Black Nova Scotia Virtual Travel Series in partnership with Halifax Public Libraries. This innovative travel series shares stories that touch on the positive impact of travel for Black communities, self-reflection and discovery, and getting the most out of travel experiences. Through meaningful conversations, the guests share advice, recommendations, and insights on how traveling has positively impacted their lives and increased self-discovery as the found a greater appreciation for home, inspiring further contributions to their community. 

I Got A Story

Jon Kabongo

"This ain’t just about me. This is for Blake Street. This is for downtown. This is for the city. I got a story, just like you. I hope you have the time for it." 

- Jon Kabongo

This video was shot in Toronto, Ontario in August 2021

Director: Kardeisha Provo

Assistantant Director: Jabril Price-Noel

BTS: Mykecia Perry

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